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Métodos Eléctricos de Prospección

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Métodos Eléctricos de Prospección 2015

Dr. Jerónimo E. Ainchil

Geof. Santiago Perdomo

Geof. Ezequiel D. Valeff

Departamento de Geofísica Aplicada FCAGLP - UNLP

Clases Teóricas: Lunes 14 a 16 hs.

                      - Aula J -

Trabajos Prácticos: Miérc. 19:00 a 20:30 hs.

                      - Aula J -


"Probably the most widely geophysical technique used is the electrical measurement. Many types of these measurements are made at the surface of the earth to investigate subsurface conditions in an area. In the most commonly used method, an electric current is driven through the ground and the resulting potential differences are measured at the surface.
To use electrical methods is necessary a physical property contrast: the electrical resistivity. The property of the electrical resistance of a material is usually expressed in terms of its resistivity."

Prem V. Sharma

Copyright 2009, Autores y colaboradores. Reconocer autoría/Citar obra. Perdomo, S. (2010, March 18). Métodos Eléctricos de Prospección. Retrieved July 31, 2015, from Facultad de Ciencias Astronómicas y Geofísicas Web site: http://catedras.fcaglp.unlp.edu.ar/geofisica/metodos-electricos-de-prospeccion. Todos los derechos reservados